Widener University Online RN-BSN Program



Our RN and BSN program is an amazing program. We have rebuilt our curriculum, so that students who come in, who already have an RN degree, and have their prerequisites done, could have their BSN in one full calendar year.

But I think our program is well thought out. I think there's a lot of options of getting it done in a year, if you're very motivated. There's the option of taking one, two, or three courses in the semester.

I think what it brings is a sense of discipline, because they need to have that. But also, I think, with the leadership component, that it really does prepare a registered nurse for leadership, not only in community, but in health care in general.

As nurses, I believe that we have intentional influence that affects the care that patients get, that helps us be better patient advocates, that helps us be better colleagues, that may help our units, our hospitals, our communities, and the world. So I think students walk away from this program with a strong sense of leadership. And how they would use those leadership skills to enact change and benefit patients in the community at large.

I want them to be part of the Widener experience, regardless of where they live. And I think that Widener brings that.

So the research, the leadership, all these things are going to help them progress and advance their career.

You know you're going to develop the skills that you need to be a leader, And you always want to be thinking beyond the next steps, so it's hard right now to think, well, I might want to do something else somewhere down the road. But the bottom line is once you have a BSN from Widener, you can do whatever it is that you want to do down the road.