Online MSW Program Student Testimonials

Testimonials from Widener University’s MSW Program Graduates

Widener’s CSWE-accredited, online MSW program provides social workers like you with the understanding of past trauma as a root cause and the effect it has on individuals and their communities. Students learn through an advanced curriculum focused on trauma and will be prepared to sit for the Licensed Social Worker (LSW) Exam.

Our alumni become experts in their fields and strong advocates for the Widener University MSW program. See what they have to say about their time at Widener:

“It is more than obvious that the faculty really care about what they are doing. It is apparent that they really want to see their students succeed. My professors have been so encouraging and always push me to challenge myself and take opportunities to practice my skills."
-Leigh Ann Williams, Student

“I am thoroughly impressed with the faculty at Widener. I was not certain that I would do well with an online program, however, the instruction, feedback and encouragement I have received has been great. The application process was seamless; from my first inquiry about the program to the actual admission. There has not been a time when a question went unanswered. I almost felt as if I was missing something because there was no stone unturned by the program manager to the Student Services Coordinator. Communication is excellent! I was contacted at least weekly initially via email and/or cell phone.”
-Wanda M. Sabb, Senior Investigatory/Program Analyst Supervisor

“I have been encouraged to step out of the box and use my voice and knowledge in this program. I feel the training and education I am receiving through the social work program at Widener will lead me into leadership roles in my future career. I would love to start my own organization one day and also look forward to having interns and teaching them and encouraging them to broaden their dreams and passions in the field.”
-Brooke Christian, Student 

“I took a job I wouldn’t have considered a year ago because I’m in this program. I’ve learned some new conflict resolution skills, and I’m learning how to be a better counselor and communicator. I’m learning how to listen and really hear what the other person is communicating. That has been the most important lesson I’ve learned to date. It’s also taught me some self-care processes and information I needed to learn. I have felt appreciated in this MSW program and that has been the best thing. It’s allowed me to feel like what I have to say is important and I can use my experiences and new skills to help others.”
-Cary Reid, Student

"Widener University’s Master of Social Work (MSW) program will be one that I recommend to aspiring clinical social workers. Now that I have graduated, I feel more than equipped with clinical and interpersonal skills to take the agency in which I work in today to the next level in service to our client population. I do not think this would have been possible had I gone to another university. The careful and personalized attention of Widener’s faculty enabled me to discover new areas of myself and contributed to awaking dreams within me previously unknown. Furthermore, the attuned availability of the faculty created not only professional relationships for me but personal ones as well." 
-Jason M. Alexandre, MSW Graduate

"One of the strongest qualities of Widener is its driving philosophy that student needs come first. This quality is apparent throughout the program, from the classroom to the administration. I found that the knowledge and experience I was gaining in the classroom about social work resonated with the interactions I had with the staff and faculty. Widener's social work program truly lives out the social work values it teaches. The faculty encompasses a broad variety of interests within the social work field and their breadth of knowledge and excitement within their respective interests helped me figure out which direction I wanted to go in within the field. When thinking back on the difficult decision I had to make to choose among a group of strong social work schools in the Philadelphia area, I'm very glad that I chose Widener."
-Jenifer Norton, MSW Graduate

"I had been out of school for many years and was apprehensive about returning, but I eventually decided to apply to Widener University and face my fears. I knew from the first time I entered the doors of Bruce Hall that not only had I made the right choice, but that I was part of something truly special. I have never experienced anything quite like what I experienced at Widener. The knowledge and insight of the professors was unprecedented. Their dedication to their students was genuine and created an environment not only conducive to learning, but to understanding. They taught me more about myself in two years than I learned at any other point in my life."
-Melissa Migliazza, MSW Graduate

“I researched online programs and I liked Widener's trauma focused program. I have had great experiences with the professors being very supportive. The field experience was very beneficial. I believe having my MSW will open many doors for me to excel in my career and move into a more desired position.
-Kristin Lees, Caseworker – Child Protection New Jersey

“I wanted a program where I could complete one class at a time and I wanted the convenience of taking classes online. It has been a great experience. It has allowed me to help others in my community through therapy. I am happy with my choice to go to Widener.
-Mark Wilson, Peer Support Specialist

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