Online MBA Program Student Testimonials

Testimonials from Widener University’s MBA Program Graduates

Widener’s AACSB-accredited, online MBA program provides aspiring business leaders like you with the relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies required to compete in today’s business environment. Complete with professional development courses, our program is designed to prepare you for real-world challenges.

Our alumni become leaders in their fields and strong advocates for the Widener University MBA program. See what they have to say about their time at Widener:

“I realized that I can accomplish anything I set my sights on. I have also learned the art of time management. Despite working full-time as an orthopedic surgeon, helping my company navigate through a merger, and presiding as the president of the Pennsylvania Orthopedic Society, I was able to complete my MBA on time. I know I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband and my Widener family-my professors and classmates were awesome.

Graduating with the 2018 Deans Award in Health Care MBA allows me to speak with confidence. As a leader in my community and in my business, I can make important decisions based on my new skills, education and experience. I have distinguished myself from others in my field by showing initiative and drive. The MBA speaks for itself.”
Angela Rowe, DO FAOAO, Orthopedic Surgeon

“All the professors had high academic standards, were very professional and were willing to work with me if my military duties interfered with course work. Learning about companies and their sustainably initiatives broadened my perspective and makes me think about what organizations I do business with going forward. The most valuable experiences were working with the same cohort throughout the program. I felt as the program progressed I knew some of the strengths and weaknesses of other students and could learn from them.”
Joseph Scalies, Master Sergeant/Active Duty US Army Soldier

“I had great experience with Widener’s faculty. I felt that they were very available when I had questions or needed help. They helped to use “real world” examples to help make the material not seem so cumbersome and to relate to how I can use it in my everyday occupation. I think the most valuable thing that I learned was the concepts behind what I was doing every day. There were certain pieces of my job that I didn’t know why I did them other than they needed to be done and now I understand how was I do on an everyday basis plays into the bigger picture. I know that having the knowledge and the degree will help me advance.”
Stephanie Krause, Manager, Government Audits and Appeals

"After extensive research of graduate programs, Widener University was my first choice. The University appears to be a good fit for aspiring business leaders to gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in the health care management environment. The Master of Business Administration cost, accreditation and curriculum clinched my decisions."
Jewanna Owens, Telecommunication Specialist

“The Widener program was seminal in my career.
Thomas Beeman, CEO, Lancaster General Health, President, Lancaster General Hospital

The degree gave me the credibility to get in the door, but the experience helped me perform with a global view of the industry.”
Andrea Devoti, President, Neighborhood Health Agencies, Inc.

The Health care MBA at Widener has been invaluable in my career. I used the skills and techniques learned in class in my job, often before the semester was even over.”
Jim Beinlich, Associate CIO, University of Pennsylvania Health Systems

“This degree gave me the tools to integrate clinical and financial expertise to effectively manage programs at a large managed care organization.”
Debbie Sweeney, Director, Medical Management, Delaware Physicians Care Inc., Aetna Health Plan

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