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Widener’s SAP University Alliance

As an active member of the SAP University Alliance, Widener’s School of Business Administration maintains a strong relationship with SAP, the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. As one of the first universities to join the SAP University Alliance, Widener University’s online AACSB-accredited MBA program provides you the exposure to the most current Enterprise Application Software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) trends throughout the world.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Through Widener’s rigorous MBA curriculum, you’ll discover how information technology can support business processes with the use of SAP software. While Business Process Automation focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), our Business Process Analysis and Process Automation course provides you with an understanding and hands on experience to determine the best software solutions through the use of SAP and ERP. Widener’s entire MBA curriculum provides a solid SAP and ERP foundation, giving you the opportunity to master state of the art technology, understand the integrated nature of business practices, and exercise this information for business decision making.

SAP University Alliance Program

The SAP University Alliance Program donates licenses to over 1,000 institutions of higher education around the world and fully outfits their professors to provide students in-depth, hands-on experience with SAP software and solutions. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students at participating campuses experience firsthand how the fully integrated SAP enterprise information software systems operate. They learn how these solutions support their future employers’ organizations in becoming more productive, profitable, and sustainable. Graduates of member institutions thus have a measurable competitive advantage when entering the job market.

To learn more about Widener’s MBA program and the SAP exposure the curriculum brings, contact a Program Manager at 1-844-386-7321 or click here to request more information.