MBA Concentration in Business Process Management

What is business process management? It's an imaginative approach that views business processes as valuable organizational resources. Business process management continuously improves and optimizes procedures through the effective use of policies, metrics, management practices and software tools.

Today's competitive global marketplace is creating a need for business professionals with the skills to improve and adjust business processes to keep up with changing market conditions and new technologies. The holistic framework of this concentration enhances your agility with coordinating:

  • Data design – demands patience and an eye for detail in order to identify and categorize data and determine storage, security, and retrieval methods for large data sets.
  • Knowledge capture – requires an unbiased mindset and diligence to capture the right information and the ability to disseminate knowledge that matters most to a business and its customers.
  • Change management – this methodical approach to designing changes to a computer system, database, or business process calls for advanced analysis skills.
  • Process mapping – this vital aspect of business process management needs the oversight of an analytical, detail-oriented person who can communicate across departments and organize large amounts of data into a practical flow chart.

Business Process Management Faculty Spotlight

Widener's advanced Business Process Management courses are taught by faculty who collectively possess decades of training and experience in this challenging field. In each BPM course, these nationally recognized industry experts impart valuable insight and wisdom to their students.

Yvonne Lederer Antonucci, Ph.D. serves as SAP university alliance coordinator and the Business Process Management Center of Excellence Director. As a full-time professor her teaching areas are primarily in Business Process Management, Process Analysis and design, and Enterprise Systems of which she has won several awards for innovation and excellence. She has received several grants and has published in numerous international journals and conferences in the area of business process management (BPM), information technology outsourcing, inter-organizational collaboration methods, and enterprise systems, and has been a frequent invited speaker to various international BPM industry events. Yvonne also serves on the North American SAP University Alliance Board and is one of the Philadelphia ABPMP (Association of Business Process Management Professionals) chapter founder, continuing her service as the board president. In addition she served on the National ABPMP Education Board where she helped develop BPM curriculum standards and contributed to the first release of the Common Body of Knowledge for BPM. Her current research projects include analysis of synergies between digitalization and BPM, analysis of BPM Skills, and the adoption of VPNs within SMB. Yvonne holds a Ph.D. in information sciences from Drexel University and a master’s degree in Management Science/Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.

Online BPM Concentration: Coursework Highlights

Coursework explores strategy, structure, culture, governance, people, information technology, and data as essential and interacting elements of business process innovation. Widener's online BPM curriculum introduces students to technologies and strategies that will make an organization lean, more responsive to shifting market demands, and more competitive in changing economies.

What Will I Learn in the Online Business Process Management Concentration Courses?

Widener's MBA students are constantly challenged to connect the business concepts they learn in their MBA classes to their real life experiences. They are encouraged to take an active role in their community and our global society through service-based projects, hands-on learning experiences, and advanced career prep opportunities.

In addition to Widener's respected MBA program curriculum, students in the Business Process Management concentration gain a deep understanding of the technology behind today's most agile business processes. The three courses required for completing the BPM curriculum include:

  • Business Process Management: Modeling to Monitoring provides students with an overview of business process management methods, concepts, and processes. Case studies are utilized to ensure that students see how BPM technologies impact real-world companies.
  • The Business Process Strategy and Innovation class focuses on the integration of business process knowledge and skills for creating a holistic understanding and application of process innovation strategy. Participants in the course acquire knowledge of strategic process innovation and critical thinking through intensive analysis of case studies, simulations of process innovation strategies, and discussions with industry practitioners on real-life situations.
  • Knowledge Management and Social BPM introduce students to the process of information discovery, capturing, sharing, and application with the most current technologies. Artificial intelligence, expert systems, web-based technologies, and SAP software are explored and incorporated throughout the course.

Whether you are a business or an information technology professional, our program gives you the cross-functional perspective to successfully manage technology that gathers, sorts, and stores information for today's process-oriented organizations.

The Need for BPM Experts

Today's businesses are actively working to improve customer responsiveness and reduce costs. They need professionals with the skills to implement strategies to streamline and improve their processes. In fact, the projected job growth for technology-based business specializations is expected to continue increasing into the next decade. Here is a sampling of the careers for MBA graduates with a Business Process Management concentration:

CareerProjected Growth to 2022Average Salary
Computer Systems Analysts25%$79,680
Management Analysts19%$78,600
Network & Computer Systems Administrators12%$72,560

Learn More About Advancing Your Career in Business Process Management

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