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Hybrid Dual Master of Social Work / Master of Education, Human Sexuality Studies Curriculum

Focus on Human Sexuality Within Your Social Work Practice

Our Center for Social Work Education and the Center for Human Sexuality Studies offers a dual degree program that prepares professional social workers to teach, consult, conduct research, and give counsel and therapy in a variety of settings on complex issues of human sexuality.

Students earn two graduate degrees (MSW and MEd) in as little as 3-years by attending classes full-time. Courses are taken each semester in both the social work and human sexuality departments and students are encouraged to incorporate their learning both in the field and classroom.

Our program prepares social workers who are comfortable discussing sexuality in their social work practice, to also be qualified to work in areas that focus explicitly on sexuality, such as human trafficking, individuals with a history of sexual abuse, and gender or sexual identity issues.

The dual degree program in social work and human sexuality consists of 39 credit hours for the MEd Human Sexuality degree, 64 credit hours for the Master of Social Work degree and is offered once a year in the fall.

The MSW/MEd Human Sexuality Dual Degree Curriculum At-A-Glance

Core Curriculum