Widener University Online MBA Program


As part of the Widener Online MBA, you'll be part of a very elite in-group. One of the primary features of the program is our enthusiastic, dedicated faculty members. They guide you through relevant, state-of-the-art assignments, and both of these are complemented with our professional development courses that are done outside your classrooms. So all in all, the program has a strong focus on developing your skills, developing your competencies, and advancing your career.

One of the things we promise our employees is that students that graduate from this program can hit the ground running. They're ready to go to work. They have the skills necessary. You can assign them whatever project you want.

You really are able to still capture that essence of being in a classroom with the online programs because of the tools that the University uses. And it's definitely a great idea to do, to finish your degree 100% online. And it'll be well worth it in the end.

We also have people from some of the largest organizations in the area from DuPont, Pfizer, Boeing, in the class, in our classes, so you'll get to meet people from these organizations, network with them, and they will bring their experiences to the classroom. So you'll be learning not only from your instructor, but you'll be learning from your peer.

We take your education personally. What that means is that, bottom line, ultimately, at the end of the day, our success depends upon our students' success. It's as simple as that.

The MBA Health Care Management program really gives you the skills to identify problems, analyze problems, and solve problems. And once you can do that, the sky's the limit.